Temperature Check – USCe Week

It was nice to have the weekend off to sulk in the despair of this 1-2 start. At least, it was significantly better than the inevitable ass beating that was coming to us in Gainesville. In many ways, this surprise bye week has been the best thing that has happened for this team in this…

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Florida Week (or maybe not)

What was most clear on Saturday was 2019 is long gone – just now in the way we thought it would be. What was expected to be gone or at least significantly less, the passing game, is actually still thriving. Myles Brennan is one of the top quarterbacks in the SEC and is getting better…

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SEC QB Rankings

Jackson Poss @jacksondposs It’s ranking season! Nothing going on whatsoever, so I’m gonna start ranking things. Nothing gets SEC fans more hot and bothered than preseason rankings. Let us know what you’d like us to rank next – whether it’s sports or something else!

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